Mens World Cup 2019

The AMF Mens World Cup

The 2019 AMF Mens Futsal World Cup was the 12th edition for the AMF which takes place every four years. The tournament was held in Argentina from 31 March to 7 April 2019 in the cities of Montecarlo, Posadas, Eldorado and Obera. Sixteen national teams from all confederations participated in the tournament.

South Africa has never competed in futsal World Cup consequentially the formation of the South African Futsal Federation permitted our men to compete and expose themselves to the best in the world. Anxiety filled the hearts of the South African team and they were met with trepidation and the unknown. AMF Futsal World Cup watchers quickly awoken to the multi talented and exuberance showcased by the MZANZI men. Steadily the South African team became the unlikely heroes of the entire tournament bringing African flavor through their skill on the court to their victorious dance moves. South Africa as the underdog became a firm favourite with many nations punting the men to take home the cup, the men won over many fans with their electrifying yet contagious rendition of African songs. South Africa were knocked out by a tight contest in the semi finals to Brazil who now have new found respect for our men. South Africa did not make it to the AMF World Cup finals in the end, but they soothed our competitive souls by making global history that resulted in South Africa been placed FOURTH best in the world.

South African Futsal Federation has been through difficult times but have been applauded and recognized the world over by clinching the fourth place in the World Cup by overshadowing some favorites in the tournament. Our South African fighting spirit continues and we will remain champions in the eyes of many.

bysAMF participate for the first time ever on this global stage. The boys were pumped and ready to “show the world” what we had to offer. A touring team of 12 players were picked and South Africa did extremely well and progressed with their flair on the ball straight to the quarterfinals. An achievement that boosted the South African boys morale and confidence. Unfortunately they lost out in the quarterfinals to the strong favourites of the host nation. We are super proud of the boys achievement in Colombia and will continue to grow the AMF Futsal in South Africa.



Five guys on the court working together can achieve more than five individuals who come and go as individuals.`` - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar