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BE A PART OF THE LEGACY ! ….. Establishing South Africa to the AMF International Futsal stage since 2016. Read and learn as to why we are on par to be the most relevant socio-economic tool in South Africa.

Benefits of AMF Futsal :

  • Futsal courts are maintenance free thus contributing to the environment
  • Dilapidated and derelict tennis courts can easily be converted to Futsal courts within communities
  • Futsal was birthed by Juan Ceriani, an education professor in the YMCA for recreation
  • Players touch the ball much more than soccer thus developing faster
  • Allows creativity in getting around the opposition
  • Improves quick player decision making skills and reaction time
  • Holistic health reasons
  • 2017, SAFF participated in the first ever Woman’s Futsal World Cup for South Africa. The next ladies World Cup is next year, in 2020 and this event gives you agreat opportunity and leverage to establish ladies futsal leagues around South Africa.
  • 2018, our boys participated in the U20 Futsal World Cup in Colombia reaching the quarterfinals and ending their competition ranked 6th in the world.
  • 2019, our Mens team made world sport history in not only participation at its highest but finishing off in the semi finals. It was commemorated where we closely lost out to Brazil in the semi-final, leading them 2-1 with only 30 seconds to go. Tightly contested they scored and beat us in extra time resulting in us ranked 4th in the world, a top honour and prestige for an African country.
  • SAFF has participated in 3 previous World Cups, now progressing and focusing on the upcoming C13 Boys World Cup 2019 in Barcelona.
  • Are you looking to invest in sustainable programme that uses sport as the vehicle for education or are you looking to create change through health education interventions?
  • Could you be looking to get your company’s brand and product to the mass market?
  • Could you be looking at getting your brand  showcases on the international stage ?
  • could your company be looking at investing in CSI & SKILLS development for B-BBEE points ?
  • Could you be looking to be a part of the First TVET federation using AMF futsal as a tool for education and social change
  • Could you be looking to be a part of a federation whose objective is fully alligned  to the olympic charter
  • Could you be lookng to expose your sport brand to the word

If the answer is YES to most of the above, then the South African Futsal Federation is your partner as it is committed to growing AMF Futsal through South Africa.

Our programmes offer both CSI and marketing opportunities, whether you are looking to promote your brand to the mass market or are looking for meaningful CSI spend.

South African Futsal Federation have relied on the generosity of donations, sponsorship & fundraising since 2016, and yet we managed to participate in 3 historical international events. To implement and develop our rural development plan & community based projects we need your support.

We don’t receive any form of support from local or national government because we are affiliated internationally direct to the AMF world Body of Futsal.One of the main reasons we are affiliated to the AMF world governing body is because they are the founders of the sport of Futbol de de salon ( Futsal)

Advantages of Futsal for South African and the economy

  1. A new sport can be broadcasted like FOX Broadcasts AMF Futsal throughout Pan America
  2. Climate change as Futsal is maintenance free unlike grass fields
  3. The greatest players in the world started playing futsal like Ronaldinho, Ronaldo ,Messi, Neymar and much more
  4. The country is occupied with multi-purpose centres which are not fully utilised
  5. The sport can be play year round
  6. Health and motor skills benefits
  7. Our rural strategy will make a massive impact on rural south Africa
  8. We are an accredited TVET college which means we can offer learnerships nationwide and utilise these learnership students to implement leagues throughout South Africa, educating with sport and making an impact on the community
  9. Great sports stars will be created
  10. Did you know how easy all the dilapidated tennis courts in all communities of south Africa can be refurbished in to Futsal courts


We made history ! no African team ever ended 4th in a WORLD CUP !!!!! and  why need sponsors

If you are interested in being a part of the most powerful socio-economic programme in South Africa then email funding@Safutsalfed.co.za

The South African Futsal Federation is a registered non profit entity which relies on donations, sponsorship and fundraising in order to implement and develop our community  based projects nationwide. We also welcome volunteers of one’s time and services. As our Federation is a registered NPO with PBO status in progress, all donations are issued with a section 18A certificate ( in progress) Please make a donation to our C13 AMF Futsal World Cup Barcelona fund. This link will direct you to our backabuddy funding campaign. https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/c13

Companies can request our sponsorship pack. Let us showcase your  brand to the world of futsal and South Africa. Email info@safutsalfed.co.za .