First TVET Sports Federation in South Africa

SAFF Pioneering the first of its kind in South Africa

The South African Futsal Federation (SAFF) governs the sport of AMF Futsal in South Africa. SAFF is affiliated to the world governing body and founders of the sport, Asociacion Mundial de Futsal (AMF) in which Futbol de Salon,Futbol de Sala and the other Spanish versions of  the term Futsal is borrowed from, as an abbreviation.Building and introducing a new sport such as AMF Futsal and spreading it throughout the communities of South Africa would be a mammoth task to undertake from an administration and workforce perspective.Spearheading the first of its kind, SAFF have also undertook the tedious 2 year process of accrediting as a TVET College,by bringing the benefits of the new sport,futsal to the communities which in return offers benefits and education to the youth and our federation is able to develop futsal knowledge and players sustainably.

The college will offer accredited qualifications and learnerships in 2020 nationwide in collaboration with growing the South African Futsal Federation and this paralleled with its education divisions will use the federation as a workplace platform for sports administration students to undertake workplace learnerships.The accreditation with Cathsseta positions us to implement our 5 year rural development plan.

To achieve our goals we appealing to like minded partners and compatible media outlets to circulate the vision to all the corners of South Africa.

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