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The South African Futsal Federation(SAFF) are inviting senior secondary schools to participate and affiliate with the federation. In 2019, SAFF has unveiled their participation in the AMF junior futsal world cups namely C13, C15, C17 respectively which will be sourced from futsal participants in the school league.

High school children are encouraged to participate in futsal as it creates players that are technically skilful with composure on the ball and provides an elevated game intelligence which will compliment in the outdoor football play too. The futsal league programme will flow into the high school with a session of training once a week and a match fixture once a week dependent on the number of schools entering. All sessions/league matches will be graded in accordance with the various age categories and will operate in accordance to the school terms. SAFF will host local, national and international tournaments which will be held  at various times of the year. Follow us on social media for further info.

League sessions and entry will definitely develop agility,discipline in following instructions and help in the understanding of the game thus boosting player confidence. The South African Futsal Federation has committed to providing junior AMF Futsal players with opportunities to compete at their best. Our international tour is like no other, as for the C13 AMF Boys World Cup coming up in November 2019, it provides the successful participant the optimum environment to experience futsal at its highest level which strengthens international pathways and opportunities for our South African youth through SAFF. 2019 and beyond holds high ambitions for The South African Futsal Federation(SAFF) and the opportunities it provides for AMF futsal in South Africa. Complete the form for more details regarding our high school futsal league.

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In futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. You notice the small detail in quality, class and tactical understanding.``- Xavi