The South African Futsal Federation ( SAFF )

The South African Futsal Federation, is the governing body of AMF futsal in South Africa & is committed to promoting & facilitating the development & of AMF Futsal through sustainable structures & skills development initiatives. SAFF enjoys a very close working alliance with the AMF (Asociacion Mundial de Futsal) who is the founders,originators,largest and the original global governing body of Futbol de Salon.South Africa has for the first time in history enjoyed privy to participate in international Futsal tournaments due to the formation of the South African Futsal Federation.All the teams selected to participate represents South Africa in all AMF international events and have proven to be of the strongest contention emerging from the African continent by virtue of the South African Futsal Federation.The Federation is committed to the promotion of fair play, integrity and fun and seeks to consolidate good governance ensuring full alignment with the AMF Code of Ethics.

Mission Statement

  • To promote the sport of Futbol de Salon (Futsal) in South Africa
  • To Preserve the rich history of AMF Futbol de Salon founded in 1930
  • Provide sustainable Futsal Mass-Participation opportunities in South Africa
  • To contribute to youth development through an awareness of fair play, self-improvement and sporting achievement;
  • To promote quality sport competition and participation nationally and Internationally;
  • To expose Futsal players to quality facilities, coaching and learning;
  • To foster a gender inclusive approach to Futsal;
  • To Utilise the new sport of Futbol de Salon in South Africa as a catlyst to education via the South African Futsal Federation TVET’s  Nationwide

In sport,learning is a gift when pain is your teacher - Michael Jordan