Bogus Claims and Victimisation

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South African Futsal Federation - Press Release

The following is an official statement from the South African Futsal Federation in direct response to publicly stated comments by the South African Indoor Football Association (SAIFA) and their associated bodies.

SAIFA and their associated bodies have recently publicly aired their views regarding rights and practices extended to SAFF by AMF and their comments therein are ill-considered and demonstrably intended to mislead the public. Their connections and associations to SAFA and other professional bodies cannot legally indemnify them from slanderous behaviour towards SAFF and we submit the following rebuttal.

SAIFA and their associated bodies has no rights or authority whatsoever to demonstrate threatening behaviour towards anyone connected to Futsal. Their threats of banning, intimidating or provoking discontent in the Futsal community is completely beyond their remit and against all principles and practices outlined in the South African Human Rights Charter. Consequently, our rights to address their ambiguous and misleading statements through the South African legal system will be diligently pursued without delay.

In conclusion, SAFF stands by the rights extended to it by FIFA and the AMF which legally proves our ownership of Futsal in the territory of South Africa. Any attempt by any other body, including SAIFA to disavow or otherwise publicly dispute this will be rigorously defended to the fullest extent of the law.

Finally, SAFF will now proceed to disconnect itself from any further public discourse around this issue, preferring instead to allow the processes of the law to be followed.

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