AMF Women's World Cup Past & Present

Balaguer commitment to women’s sport and the country

The Catalan federation will organize the World Cup football in the capital of the Noguera

Balaguer will host the third World Championship women’s football history. The organized during the month of November 2017 . This was decided the World Association of Futsal (AMF) a proposal by the Catalan federation of this sport ( FCFS ), who was nominated. The city had offered to organize any international competition, thanks to the seriousness of the proposal, carrying a world ended. Thus, confirming a strong commitment to the capital of Noguera for women’s sport and the country, since Catalonia will participate in the event as host nation.

“We have taken into account these two points because we consider very important” , says the mayor of Balaguer, Jordi Ignasi Vidal, who recognizes that it is very positive to come “high level teams, the best in the world” , but even more with the participation of the national team of their own. The benefits are obvious, but sports are not the only ones. “Although the basic facilities already made the world smaller issues will improve the municipal sports pavilion, such as the electronic scoreboard, floor and lighting,” says Vidal. It also highlights the presence of delegations from different countries have a positive impact on the region from an economic point of view: “I do not even fill all the hotel rooms in the city, but also significant to a radius round. Around Balaguer there we have a very varied and attractive tourist event and seize value our natural heritage, monumental and gastronomic ” . In this sense, another advantage is that the competition will come right after the festival.

The visit of the President of the AMF Balaguer / City of Balaguer

Ahead of Casablanca

Choosing Balaguer as its World Cup has not been easy. Also chose Casablanca, Morocco, that a priori had the strength to be a “big city” , as the mayor recalled. However, a visit by the president of the AMF, the Paraguayan Rolando Alarcón, last summer chose the balance. And, according to Vidal, “certainly taken into account Balaguer poured in the world, while in Casablanca might have been more inadvertent” . Vice President FCFS, Alex Astorgas Nor had them all, bearing in mind that “the AMF had chosen Catalonia to another great event in 2017, the Intercontinental Cup in May in Barcelona” . In the end, however, believes that two factors have gone over any other: the enthusiasm that live in the capital of the Noguera and the fact that the flag, despite being inaugurated in 1971, is kept in perfect condition: ” there are two tracks together and that training is key to program ” .

Challenging sports

Catalonia was world champion in the first participation in Reus in 2008 , but fell in the quarterfinals in its second year, the Colombian 2013. “That time we were unlucky because we played against all the bones but we be aware that every time the level has risen over recent years, particularly in South America, now we can say that is ahead of Europe ” , relates Astorgas, while exemplifying this with the fact that ” the leagues Argentina and Colombia are professionals . ” This is why it attaches the possibilities of the host added his second title to achieve surprise. For now, the four already known rivals South America (Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia, after removing Venezuela), while the three remaining places for European teams will be decided in qualifying as well as other continents.

To see what’s new on the world Balaguer, the FCFS has created a Twitter account: @ 2017Mundial_AMF . From the platform Proseleccions Catalan Sports will be very aware of the preparation of our players, who want to make good the saying which stresses that “the illusion has no limits” .

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