The year 2017 is still happening with the National and Argentine Tournaments filling stadiums in different parts of the country and the countdown to the Futsal World Missions 2019 continues running.

The official transmissions of CAFS Play, the television broadcasts on DeporTV and the coverage of important national media such as the Diario Olé are just part of the preparations for the ecumenical meeting.
Only a few months ago, the Argentine national team played against Brazil in the stadiums of Posadas, Eldorado, Montecarlo and Puerto Iguazú. As the coach Ariel Avveduto said, “to experience the globalist climate”, and the response of the people was immediate.

In the first duel disputed in the missionary capital the tickets were sold out in only hours because of the great expectation and this happened in the remaining venues. The public roared for their representatives and asked that the world cup stay at home.
The countdown continues to run and the Argentine Confederation of Futsal together with the Government of Misiones continues to put everything in place so that within two years the whole country vibrates with Argentina fighting for the biggest crown of all.


This 19/7 will be the fourth Supplement 100% Futsal in the Olé Sports Journal. Do not fall asleep and go asking at your kiosk to find out about all the news of the national futsal.

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